My YouTube Strikes Have Been Removed!

YouTube Strikes Removed

So last week, I logged in to my YouTube channel to see that several of my videos had been removed and they were replaced with this youtube “slashy face” and a message that read, “This video has been removed because it’s content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service”.  Not only that, but when I logged in to my channel to do a YouTube strikes check, I noticed that I had just gotten my first strike for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.  Obviously, this concerned me because a large part of my business is built on Video marketing and the traffic that I get from YouTube.  And in case, you don’t know, with YouTube three strikes means you’re out.  They will shut down your YouTube channel for good.


 How to Avoid YouTube Strikes

The main two reasons that you will get strikes on your YouTube channel are youtube copyright violations and content violations.  If you want to know how to avoid copyright strikes on youtube, it’s pretty simple, don’t post content that you don’t own or that you didn’t create.  Pretty simple, right?

But when it comes to content violation strikes like the one that I got, the rules are a little less clear.  I mean there’s some pretty obvious content violations like violence and porn, but YouTube has language on this page about Spam, scams and deceptive practices.  Because I teach home business owners and network marketers how to generate more leads and sales in their business and how to make money from home by using the internet, there’s some gray area there with regards to MLM businesses and network marketing and whether or not YouTube views these types of activities as scams or spam.  I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that the video that caused me to get my first strike on YouTube was titled “How to Make Money Online From Home”.  Luckily, that video is now back up and I’ve posted it below for you to view”

The other videos that are more directly related to MLM recruiting and network marketing tips, have not been restored and several of my videos have been age-restricted.  So moving forward, I plan to post any questionable videos on Wistia instead of YouTube just to avoid any potential problems or strikes violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

How to Get Rid of Copyright Strikes on YouTube

how to get rid of strikes on youtubeIf you have a youtube copyright strike or any youtube strikes for other reasons such as content violations, the way to get rid of them is by appealing the strike.  When you log-in to your YouTube dashboard, you’ll see the strike and the reason for the strike along with a link to appeal.  Now you can only appeal once so make sure you do it right.  The way I did it to get my strike removed was #1, to be nice (you may be upset that you got a strike, but remember a real person is going to be viewing this appeal and kindness will go a long way to help you get what you want).  #2 – let them know that you believe someone is targeting your channel and your videos maliciously and #3 – tell them in a few words why you believe the strike was not warranted.  That’s all I did and within 1 week, my account was back in good standing.


Here’s the “Striked” Video

This is the video that resulted in my first YouTube strike.  It’s back up but it is age-restricted so if you’re not logged in to YouTube or if you’re too young, you may not be able to see it.

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