Jesus Christ Marketing Superstar

Was Jesus Christ the Founder of Modern Business? I know that may seem like a strange subject line … But hang with me for a minute and I’ll plead my case. I’m reading a fascinating book right now by Bruce Barton called The Man Nobody Knows. ***SIDE NOTE*** Most of you have probably never heard of Bruce Barton,…

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Why Your Leads Aren’t Buying (and How to Fix It)

Want to Close More Sales?For years, I struggled with people saying “No” to my opportunity and refusing to buy my product, and I just couldn’t understand why. I knew it was a good product. I knew it could help them, but they refused to buy from me. It was so confused … that is, until I…

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3 Marketing Tips That Helped me Get Through “The Sex Talk”

This may seem like kind of a strange blog post … I know.  Especially when my followers are used to hearing marketing tips from me.  But I think you’ll find the parallels to be quite uncanny. Here’s how this blog post came about and why you’ll find it so useful for your business. I was preparing…

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MLM Scams? – What Constitutes a Pyramid Scheme?

MLM Scams?  Are they or not? (if 90% Fail, network marketing must be a scam … or is it?) There’s a lot of talk on the internet about MLM scams and whether network marketing is a pyramid scheme or not.  Hopefully this article will shed some light on the subject (yes, it’s long, but smart people…

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5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Website

increase traffic to website

Want to Increase Traffic to Website? (The Video Below Shows You 5 Ways to Get More Traffic) If you want to increase traffic to website, then you’re going to love the short video posted below. This post was inspired by a question that was sent to me by one of my students.  He was setting…

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