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How NOT to make friend requests of Top Earners in network marketing

pay-attention-to-me Take a look at this picture … This is NOT the way to approach a top earner in network marketing or MLM or any industry for that matter.

And yet, I had somebody approach me this way (sort of) just a few weeks ago.  Is it any surprise that I refused to work with her?  Feel free to read the chat that I’ve posted below the video at the bottom of this post (and make sure you watch the video) because I think it will help you get to the next level as an entrepreneur in your home business or MLM company.

Big Tip #1 – Don’t Get Caught Up in Minutia

don't-sweat-the-small-stuffThere are so many people that get derailed in their home business by the smallest of things.  I’ll tell you the best way to separate an amateur from a pro.   The professional doesn’t even let the BIG stuff derail them from their goals.  For example, with a professional, 10 “No’s” per day is just another day at the office.  If a team leader their downline leaves and takes everyone with them, just another day at the office.  But for the amateur, even the smallest of things distract them from their goals.  Somebody won’t accept their friend request.  A warm market lead won’t look at their company presentation.  A word is misspelled on an email.  Somebody’s politics or religious beliefs bother them … I could go on and on, but you can’t let this stuff bother you.


Big Tip #2 – Your Dreams Shouldn’t Require Validation

If you’re looking for other people to validate your dreams and goals, then they aren’t really YOUR dreams and goals.  If you want something bad enough, you’ll go after it regardless of what others think or say and this includes getting leads for your MLM or your home business, it includes connecting with top earners and big shots in the industry.  It includes creating freedom in your life.  You have to go after it no matter what others believe … I’ve had plenty people tell me I’m crazy.  Or this home business thing will never work … or you’ll come back to your J.O.B. eventually.  None of that stuff affected me or altered my plans.  That’s the real difference between an amateur and a pro.  It’s the difference between somebody who really believes in their dreams and somebody who just has a “wishlist”.

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Here's the transcript from my conversation


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  • Brian Pittman

    Reply Reply March 20, 2015

    Tyson great video and post yet again! Your so easy to listen to and love your style!

  • Rich

    Reply Reply March 22, 2015

    Hey Tyson,

    Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of success. See you at NE6

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