3 Marketing Tips That Helped me Get Through “The Sex Talk”

This may seem like kind of a strange blog post … I know.  Especially when my followers are used to hearing marketing tips from me.  But I think you’ll find the parallels to be quite uncanny.

Here’s how this blog post came about and why you’ll find it so useful for your business.

I was preparing some training material for an new webinar where I am going to be sharing my simple 3 step formula that took me from 3-time MLM Failure to Finally figuring it out and recruiting over 1,000 people and generating a 6-figure income all in less than 12 months. (you can register for that free webinar here if you’d like to attend).

It just so happened that during the week that I was preparing the material for that webinar, my wife and I decided it was about time to have “The Talk” with my 8 year old son (before his body really starts changing and before he’s too old to want to talk about this stuff with his dad).

As I was considering my strategy for approaching this topic with my son, I realized that I could take some of the exact same psychological tactics that I used to become the #1 income earner in my opportunity, and apply them to this situation to make it a little easier on both of us.

Do you take the time to put together a well thought out strategy before you approach your prospects or launch a marketing campaign?  I would hope and assume that you do.  If not, these 3 marketing tips will help (and if you really want to dive deep on how to increase your sales conversions, be sure to register for the Free Webinar)

3 Marketing Tips

Here’s the 3 marketing tips that I used with my son.  I think you’ll agree they work pretty well in ANY situation where you need to influence or persuade (it just so happens they also really help in dealing with awkward conversations between you and your children 😉

Marketing Tips #1:  Curiosity

Marketing Tips #1 - Curiosity

In sales and marketing, you should always try to position any decision that you want your prospect to make to seem like it was their idea and not yours. The best way to do this is to raise their level of curiosity so that they come to you asking to learn more.

Here’s how I did this with my son …

I just planted a seed earlier in the day by telling him that we needed to talk about something when the time was right. “Now’s not a good time,” I said, “but remind me later we need to talk about something important” (instead of telling your prospect exactly what your presentation is about before they watch it … do you think you’d get more people to take a look if you kept the curiosity level high?)

Anyway, back to my story.  This little “tease” really piqued his curiosity and then, sure enough later that day before bedtime, he said to me, “Dad, what was it we needed to talk about?”

I even played up the curiosity a bit more right then and said, “Mmmm, I don’t know! I’m not sure if you’re ready for this just yet, maybe we should hold off a bit longer”. This really got him interested and by then, he was practically begging me to tell him.

In his mind, “The Talk” ended up being his idea instead of mine.  You can and should use this in your business.  Use curiosity in your marketing to make everything your prospect’s idea and not yours (if you want more specifics on how to do this, be sure to register for the free webinar)

Marketing Tips #2:  Us vs. Them

Marketing Tips #2 - Us vs. Them

Any time you can make your prospect/target audience feel like a part of a special elite group, you will automatically increase the bond and the trust between you (which really helps to close more sales)

You can do this by positioning yourself and your audience as the “us” group while everyone else is “them”. It could be a common enemy (like republicans vs. democrats) or just others who don’t fit in with “us” or believe the way that “we” do.

So here’s how I implemented this with my son. I started by telling him that he could NOT talk to his sister about this because she was too young and not ready. Also, that he shouldn’t talk about it at school because many of the other kids haven’t learned about this yet from their parents.

I went on to say, “… but you’re really mature for your age, and unlike your younger sister or some of the other kids in your class, I think you’re ready to handle this”

That really went a long way with him to make him feel special and important. This same kind of psychology can work magic with your prospects. Make them feel special. Make them feel like a part of an elite group.

Marketing Tips #3:  Story Telling

Marketing Tips #3 - Story Telling

Plato once said, “Those who tell the stories rule society“.

I would amend Plato’s quote for those of us who are entrepreneurs:  “Those who tell stories rule their market (and make more sales)!

One of the very best ways to make a point, close a sale or overcome an objection is through story telling. All of the best religious leaders throughout history knew the power of a well crafted story to get their point across (and you should be using story telling in your marketing as well)

So I started by telling my son about a time when I was in 1st grade and how the older boys on the bus were making jokes and laughing about words that I had never heard.

I told him that I wanted to fit in with the older boys so I started asking my friends what these words meant, but none of them really knew the answer and some of them made up answers and gave me incorrect information which made me feel even sillier for not knowing about this stuff.

I went on to tell him that I was afraid to ask my dad what these words meant because I thought I might get in trouble if I did.

This story accomplished a number of things.

It gave him a way that he could see himself in me.

It made the subject material about what would be important to him (not what was important to me).

And finally, it let him know that I was once just like him (further solidifying the bond between us).

Similarly, in marketing, it’s critically important to let your prospect know that you (or the person who got results with your product or opportunity) was once just like them.  The best way to accomplish this is through story telling, and it’s a critically important piece of the puzzle if you want your prospects to buy from you,

Speaking of getting your prospects to buy from you, I have an upcoming webinar where I’m sharing my exact 3 step process that took me from a 3-time MLM failure to recruiting over 1,000 people and generating a multiple 6-figure income all in less than 12 months.

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To your success!

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