Why I’m moving my Youtube banned videos over to Wistia

How to Handle YouTube Banned Videos

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my deleted YouTube videos.  It seems that anything I post on my YouTube channel about Network Marketing or MLM or “Make Money from Home” gets taken down within a few hours.  So first of all, this tells me that I have somebody either on my list or following my channel who is watching my YouTube channel and following my videos and flagging them almost as soon as I put them up.

Upon speaking with a source who is very close to Google (Google owns YouTube, by the way) and asking her opinion on what I should do with my videos that were banned from YouTube, I have made a few decisions which I will explain in a moment.  But first of all, there are a few things to remember.

#1 – Any time you use a service that you don’t own, you are at the mercy of that service provider.  You can build a subscriber base on YouTube or a fan page on Facebook or a following on Twitter, but remember, you DON’T own that platform and it’s free, which means that it can be taken away from you at any time.  The most important thing for you to do is to build an asset that you DO own and control …. (which would be your blog and your email list).  Your goal should always be to get people off of YouTube or Facebook and onto your LIST (by the way, check out my training here if you want to know how to do this with video marketing).

#2 – Remember that these Free services like YouTube and Facebook can change their minds and their rules and their algorithms at any time.  There was a time when posing “how to make money from home” videos was not a problem and now the rules have changed.  There was a time when it was OK to post videos and posts about network marketing opportunities and MLM companies but now it is resulting in Facebook slaps and deleted youtube videos.

 My Video Marketing Strategy Moving Forward

I will still use YouTube from time to time for videos that I am certain will not be in violation of their policies or result in more deleted youtube videos or strikes on my channel.  But for the most part, I will be replacing YouTube with Periscope and Wistia.


Periscope is a really cool new app that allows you to connect on  LIVE video stream through your cell phone.  Think of it like FaceTime, but you can be talking to hundreds or even thousands of people at once.  I’m going to be using Periscope to connect with my audience once or twice a week and do LIVE Q&A sessions to help you with your business and marketing strategies.  If you want to connect with me via Periscope, just download the app and add me (my username is tysonzahner)


wistia-logo-2Wistia is a paid video hosting service.  I’ve actually been using Wistia for a while, but only for videos within my sales funnel.  It’s a really cool service because you have a lot of customization.  You can track how much of a video people are watching and check viewership by I.P. address and you can even see heat maps of when people fall off and stop watching your videos.  So it’s definitely superior to YouTube in that respect.  The only real downside is that you probably won’t rank a Wistia video in and of itself so I will focus on ranking my Blog page instead of the video and then the other downside, of course, is that it’s not free, but you know what they say, sometimes, free is the most expensive option.

To your success!

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