Best MLM Script for Warm Market Recruiting

Best MLM Script for Immediate Income and Duplication

Would you like a free mlm script to help you with warm market recruiting for your network marketing business?  What if I told you that this MLM script that I share with you in the video below will help you (or your team members) to re-cooperate your investment in a new network marketing opportunity without 24-72 hours after you sign-up?

And the best news is that this script is not annoying or pushy and it won’t burn out your warm market.  Even if you’ve been in multiple MLM opportunities before and you’ve burnt out your warm market or they run when they see you coming, this mlm script will work wonders for you.  In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best network marketing scripts I’ve ever seen or used.

 Why Most Warm Market MLM Scripts Don’t Work

being-chasedThe reason why most warm market recruiting tactics don’t work is because your prospects feel like you’re trying to “get them” and nobody wants to be “gotten”.  As a general rule, I think it’s a bad idea (with warm market, at least) to lead with your MLM opportunity unless you know that this person is specifically looking to start a business from home or make extra money.  When you lead with your opportunity the way that it looks is that the only way for you to make money is for them to get in and also make money, and this is why so many people view network marketing as a pyramid scheme (because most people only focus on recruiting for the income opportunity).

But think about this … what are all successful, long-term businesses built on?  The answer is products.  You can’t have a thriving business without a solid, high quality product.  So if you have a viable product that really helps people, this is the best way to introduce people to your opportunity without leading with your opportunity.  Think about it, if you opened an ice cream shop, you wouldn’t call all your friends and tell them that they should also start an ice cream business, would you?  No, of course not.  You’d call and say, “Hey, I started a new ice cream business would you like to come down and get some ice cream and tell me what you think of the product?”  That’s the natural way to introduce somebody in your warm market to your new business.

This MLM Script Works Great for Warm Market

Watch the video below and get ready to take some notes.  You are going to love this free mlm script and you’re going to want to share it with your team members.

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