MLM Tips: How to Deal with Unsupportive Family Members and Friends

unsupportive family members and friends

Do You Have Unsupportive Family Members?

unsupportive family membersIf you’ve ever had to deal with unsupportive family members or friends or even an unsupportive spouse as you try to build your business, it can be very challenging … not only to maintain the relationship but to keep your motivation up and keep striving toward your goals.  You might even find yourself asking yourself, “why doesn’t my family like me?”  Today’s blog post (and video below) will help you to deal with unsupportive family members and friends and help you to not get derailed by their criticism.

First of all, you should know that it’s totally normal for you to experience criticism on your way to the top.  There are no successful entrepreneurs (that I know of anyway) who made it to the top without naysayers and people who doubted them … yes, even unsupportive family members.  And second of all, it’s quite unlikely that your friends dislike you but there could be a few reasons why they are voicing their opinion in a negative way and it’s important for you to understand things from their perspective in order for you to respond appropriately.

Why they Criticize You


In my experience there’s really two reasons why unsupportive family members will criticize you.  #1 – They care about you and they don’t want to see you fail or get hurt and #2 – Your averageness makes them feel more comfortable in their own averageness.  Regarding the second point, there’s a great quote that helps me to put unsupportive family in perspective: “Common men love other common men because they justify each other’s averageness.

#1 – Do they Have What You Want?

criticismBefore you let an unsupportive family member or friend squash your dreams, ask yourself if they have what you want.  If you are seeking financial freedom or time freedom in your home based business and Uncle Joe is broke or he’s stuck in a job that he hates, you kind of need to take Uncle Joe’s advice with a grain of salt.  Remember Uncle Joe doesn’t put food on your table and your unsupportive family member, Uncle Joe doesn’t have the life you want.

#2 – Don’t Get Defensive

When responding to unsupportive family members, you have to keep their perspective in mind and try not to get defensive.  When you get defensive this can lead to fights and arguments and even destroyed relationships.  So unless you want to be estranged from family, take my advice here.  One of the best ways to handle an unsupportive family members criticism is to use the “Feel, Felt, Found” strategy.  Watch the video below on this page to see an example of how to do this.

#3 – Produce some Results

The best way to shut up any naysayers in your life is simply to prove them wrong.  Go out and take action.  Produce some results in your home based business opportunity or in your entrepreneurial efforts.  Use their criticisms as fuel and motivation to succeed so that you can come back one day and say, “I did it … I told you so”.

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