How to Make More Sales and Crush Your Competition With the Apple Business Model

How to Make More Sales Like Apple

The Apple School for Network Marketers and Sales Pros

There’s no denying that Apple is an incredibly successful (and profitable) company, but how can you implement their business model to help you in your business?  Well in this post (and video below), I’m going to show you how to make more sales in your business and how to crush your competition by adopting the Apple Business model.

How Apple Sold Me …

Apple Logo - Think DifferentFor many years, I was a devoted Windows user.  I swore I would never own a Mac computer.  I liked my Windows brand of computer.  I had no need for a different operating system.  I didn’t want to learn a new interface and yet, today I’m writing this blog post on an iMac and sitting right next to me is a MacBook Pro.  Yes, I swore I would never be a Mac Computer owner and today I own two of them.  How did this happen?  How did Apple do it? (and more importantly how can this strategy help you).

Well first, let’s look at how Apple acquired me as a customer and then I’ll show you how to make more sales in your own business with this exact same strategy.  The first thing Apple did was they realized that they were NOT a computer company.  Once they stopped competing with Microsoft as just another company that makes boxes with wires in it, everything changed.  When they realized that their business was not their product (computers) but rather their business was their audience and their ability to rally that tribe around a common belief (that people with passion who “think different” can change the world) … that’s when a whole new world of possibilities opened for them.

And this shift allowed them to bring a whole new set of products to market.  Most of you will remember when Apple came out with these cool little devices that would hold your entire music collection in your pocket … the ipod.  I didn’t want a Mac computer at that time, but I sure DID want an iPod.  So I bought one.  Then, Apple came out with the iPhone and I wanted one of those as well.  So I bought one (even though I was still a devoted Windows computer user).

Do you see what happened?  Apple found a way to monetize me even though I didn’t want their main product.  But then something very interesting happened … as I used these really cool new Apple products, I started to slowly but surely grow a liking to the Apple experience … the interface, the packaging, the user experience, etc. and I started to become curious about their main product (their computers).  I thought, “If I like their other products so well, I’d probably also really like their computers”.  So I bought one to try it out, and then I bought a second one and now I’m an Apple computer customer (even though I thought I never would be)


Here’s Why This Strategy Matters For Your Business

If you REALLY want to know how to make more sales in your business, it’s critical that you understand the idea of having an offer portfolio.

how to make more sales like the Apple product line does

Apple was able to bring me into their world because they had other products that peaked my interest when their main product did not.  You have to accept that not everyone is going to want your main product or service or business opportunity.  Thems are just the fact, Jack!  So if you think your business is ONE product or ONE company or ONE opportunity, you’re walking on veeerrry thin ice and you’re going to have a difficult time becoming and remaining profitable.  And even if you are profitable with your current business, why wouldn’t you want to become MORE profitable by monetizing the people who say NO to your main offer?

I have found that one of the best, cheapest and lowest risk ways to do this is with Affiliate products.  You don’t have to create a whole new product of your own (which can be incredibly difficult and time consuming).  You can simply take a product that somebody else has created and promote it to your audience.  You just want to make sure that it’s congruent with and that it falls into the same interest category as your main product.  I’ll give some examples in the next paragraph, but before you go out and start promoting affiliate products to your audience, please understand that there are a few tricks to promoting affiliate products successfully (I know because I struggled for a long time before I started doing multiple 5-figures per month in affiliate commissions).  It’s not hard, but you have to avoid some common pitfalls that most people make when promoting affiliate products.  If you want to know how I do it and how I became the #1, Top income earning affiliate in a very popular online affiliate program, you might want to check out this training where I give you my step by step formula).

Examples:  How to Make More Sales in your own business with this Strategy

Allow me to give you a few examples of how this might work for you and how to make more sales in your own business with affiliate products.  Let’s say that you’re in a network marketing nutrition company and you sell supplements or vitamins.  Some of your leads will refuse to buy your vitamins and supplements because they are already happy with the vitamins and supplements they purchase at GNC (or elsewhere) so if that’s all you have to offer those people, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.  If however, you also sold let’s say a cookbook with healthy recipes or a course on weight loss, for example, you have now opened up the possibilities to make more sales and bring more people into your world.  FYI – you can find affiliate products like the cookbook and the weight loss course on and you can get started promoting that stuff for free if you know how to do it.  Check out the Affiliate Profit Formula if you’d like me to show you how to do it properly.

Here’s another example.  Let’s say that you’re in a travel opportunity and you want to know how to make more sales of your travel product.  While some people will be interested in your travel product, others will not because they’re perfectly happy with Priceline right now or maybe they own a timeshare or some other travel savings program.  But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t buy other products from you based around travel.  If all you have is that one offer (your vacation club), you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.  Perhaps you could recommend a travel rewards credit card like the Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa and you get 5,000 Southwest points for referring a friend (that’s as good as cash if you travel a lot yourself) and you’re attracting people who happen to enjoy traveling (your target audience).  Or perhaps you could sell an information product on how to plan your next Disney vacation (you can find products like this on  These are offers that are congruent with your audience, but it’s a different product that would allow you to monetize the people who say “No” to your main product.

How Top Earners in MLM Use This Strategy

One group of people who really know how to make more sales by using this strategy are top earners inside of the network marketing profession.  Go look at the websites of people like Randy Gage or Susan Sly and you won’t see their main network marketing company listed anywhere on their website, but what you will see is an offer portfolio of many other products and trainings and tools and systems that they can sell to their audience (because they’re smart enough to know that many people in their audience won’t want to join their primary network marketing company so they monetize them in other ways … and guess what … it’s also one of the ways that they attract and qualify targeted leads who are serious and who they want to recruit and work with in their primary company).

When I realized this strategy, EVERYTHING changed for me.  But the problem was that I didn’t have my own courses or books or tools to sell to people.  So I joined systems like My Lead System Pro and Elite Marketing Pro and I promoted their products as an affiliate to generate leads and make commissions so that I could afford to stay in business.  And I’ve been pretty darn profitable with this strategy.

I’d love to show you exactly how I do it inside of my Affiliate Profit Formula.  Check out that training here.

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