Network Marketing Tips for Closing and Duplication

Network Marketing Tips

Here’s 2 network marketing tips to help you close more sales and create more duplication on your team.

The bottom line with both of these network marketing tips is that your job is never to convince anybody to do anything.  People don’t like to be sold.  But when you can motivate and inspire people to make a decision that they feel like they own and that they were in control of making, then you’ll see a lot more success in your business.  And on top of that, you’re prospects will be happier and you’ll feel better about the whole process.

So if you want to close more reps, the first of my 2 network marketing tips is that you focus on the destination of where your product or opportunity will eventually take people and NOT on the vehicle itself.  Stop spending all of your time explaining the feature of your comp plan and the details of your product.  These are features and they are not the ultimate reason that people will buy.  The reason your prospects will buy is because of the benefits that they will receive.  In other words, they will join because of the end destination that they believe your product/opportunity will get them to.

The second of my 2 network marketing tips has to do with duplication.  People ask me all the time, “How do I motivate people on my team who are unmotivated?”  The short answer is that there’s really nothing you can say that will motivate your team to take action.  What you can do is lead by example.  You can inspire them to product by YOU going out and producing.  In fact, I have found that the more you hound people, the more resistance they have to actually doing anything.  In general people don’t want to be told want to do.  They didn’t start their own home business so they could have an upline trainer hounding them to get to work.  So you just have to accept your team members where they are and inspire them to produce by your own production.  When they see you on fire and when they see you making money and getting checks, they’ll eventually get to work too.

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