MLM Leads Online

How to Get MLM Leads Online

(even if your company prohibits internet marketing)

Yesterday, I shot my first periscope video (scroll down to watch it), and we’re going to be doing a lot more of them.  The thing I think you’re going to like about these periscope videos is that they’re going to be 100% fueled by your questions.  So send me a question about your business on twitter @tysonzahner and use the hashtag #asktyson.  Then follow me on Periscope (also @tysonzahner), and we’ll answer your questions and chat LIVE.  It’s really Fun!

So yesterday’s question was about how to use the internet for marketing an MLM company or network marketing business when the company forbids you to mention their name online.  And let’s face it …. more and more mlm companies are including language like this in their terms of service and distributor marketing agreements.

The answer is that you generate leads online the same way that you should be generating them offline … by building relationships first.  That’s what your company wants you to do.  They simply want you to have a relationship with someone before you pitch them on your product or opportunity.  And they’re absolutely right to expect you to run your business this way.  Do you know why?  Because it works!  Businesses are built on relationships.

 Here’s what works to Generate MLM Leads Online

Think about this.  Your network marketing product or your MLM opportunity solves a problem for people.  People are not on the internet searching for specific network marketing companies by name.  They’re not typing in the exact name of your MLM product.  Most people are searching for a solution to their problems.  Such as “How to I make money online?”  or “What’s a good work from home business” or “How do I get rid of my wrinkles” or “How do I lose weight fast”.  These are the problems that people are searching for solutions to.

So instead of talking to them about your MLM product or opportunity (which is not what they’re looking for anyway), you join the conversation that already happening in their mind.  This is really the first rule of direct response marketing.  Help them out for free.  Give them some general tips to help them.  For example, teach them what to look for in a home business.  Educate them on what food ingredients can help with weight loss and then give them a call to action.  Such as contact me if you’d like more help or download this free video that helps you to get X,Y,Z result.

What I’ve just laid out above is the secret to generating MLM leads online and building relationships with your prospects all in one-fell swoop and FYI – I have found that the best way to accomplish this rapport building process quickly is through videos.  If you want to master online lead generation through the use of simple videos too, be sure to check out this link.

On a personal note ….

Yesterday was the 4th of July and my wife and I took our son on a helicopter ride (our 5-year old daughter was scared and didn’t want to go so she stayed on the ground).  It was really fun.  They flew over our house and we were able to get some aerial photos of our home and our property which was pretty cool!  Here’s a few photos from our ride …

helicopter ride - 640

aerial photo of home front

aerial photo of home back

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