Why Do You Promote Both Power Lead System and Elite Marketing Pro?

Why Do You Promote Both Power Lead System and Elite Marketing Pro?

I hear this question quite frequently after a new member signs up for the Power Lead System.  They’ll say, “Tyson, I just signed up for PLS and now you’re ALSO recommending that I sign up for Elite marketing Pro?  Why do I need both?”

Well, first of all, maybe you don’t need both.

PLS and EMP are Two Different Products with Two Different Purposes.

Power Lead System is a marketing tool.  It’s the “instrument” that you can use to build your entire sales funnel.  You can use it to create lead capture pages and sales pages and email autoresponder sequences, etc.  You can build just about any kind of page or sales funnel you can think of, but having the instrument alone without the knowledge or the skills of how to use it are going to do you very little good.  It’s like owning a hammer without knowing how to put two boards together or having a blueprint for what you want to build.  The hammer alone isn’t going to build anything for you.  The same thing is true with PLS.  It’s just an instrument.

There is No System that Will Make You Successful!

One of the biggest problems I see in this industry is that too many people are looking for success in a tool or a system or some other thing OUTSIDE of themselves.  Here’s the cold hard truth.  There is NO System that will make you successful.  The only thing that will make you successful is your your knowledge and skills and your willingness to take action and implement them.  That’s it.  Everything else is just a tool or a stepping stone to help you get there faster.

If PLS is the instrument, then Elite Marketing Pro is the owner’s manual

If you walked into a guitar store and you told the guy behind the counter that you wanted to play in a rock band what’s the first thing he would ask you?  He would want to know if you already owned a guitar.  If not, he would probably sell you one.  That’s what I do when I sell PLS to people.  I’m selling them “the instrument”.  Once the guitar store guy sells you the instrument, what’s the next thing he would ask you?  He’d probably say, “Do you know how to play the guitar?”  If your answer is “No,” he’s probably going to offer to sell you lessons.  That’s the exact same thing that I’m doing.  If Power Lead System is the guitar, then EMP is the guitar lessons.

Owning a tool that allows you to easily build sales funnels does you absolutely ZERO good if you don’t know what to put on your pages or have a strategy that’s actually going to get people to those pages and turn those visitors into leads and sales.  Because Elite Marketing Pro is where I learned marketing, it’s what I also recommend to you.

Do You Have to Purchase Elite Marketing Pro in order to be successful online?

Of course the answer to this question is NO.  There is no one course or program that’s going to make you successful.  This is foolish thinking.  First of all, if you already have plenty of marketing knowledge and you have a strategy for putting together a sales funnel that you know is going to work, then there’s absolutely no reason why you would need to purchase EMP.  (WARNING – run-on sentence ahead) – If you already know how to write a compelling headline and how to create a lead magnet and how to come up with a compelling offer and how to write sales copy and how to drive traffic to your website and what to put in your emails, then NO, you absolutely don’t need to purchase EMP.  If however, you’re like I was when I first came online, then you need some extra training and guidance.  Elite Marketing Pro is where I got my education and it’s where I recommend you go to get yours.


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