What’s The Best Marketing System for Online Lead Generation?

What’s The Best Marketing System to Generate Leads Online?

I hear this kind of question alot.  What’s the best lead system?  What’s the best marketing system?  What’s the best tool to help me promote my product or opportunity?  The problem is that the question is flawed.  The inquisitor is assuming that the solution to their success lies in something outside of themselves.  Do tools make a difference?  Yes, of course.  Can you build a house faster with a power drill than you can a screw driver?  Duh!  But if you don’t know how to put two boards together or the basics of construction, the best power drill in the world isn’t going to help you build a better house.  Right?

Your Skills Determine your ability to generate leads online.

Billy_JoelLet me ask you a question and let’s use it as an analogy to our marketing system question.  Would it matter whether I set Billy Joel (or Elton John or pick your favorite pianist) down in front of a Yamaha piano vs. a Steinway?  Would the piano in front of him affect his ability to play it?  No.  His ability is the same regardless of the instrument.  The same is true for your marketing system.  To think that if you just pick the right marketing system, you’ll be able to generate leads and sales online like the best 6 and 7 figure marketers in the business is like assuming that if I could just get my hands on Tiger Woods’ driver that I’d be able to hit golf balls like him.  It’s absurd, right?

What skills do you need to generate leads online?

tiger-woodsSo are tools important?  Yes, of course they are.  But far more important is your ability to use those tools.  When it comes to online marketing those skills are traffic and conversions.  You have to know how to get targeted traffic to your website, to your lead capture pages, to your sales pages, etc. and you have to know how to convert that traffic into leads and sales.  This requires learning copywriting and how to influence people.  Do you know how to write a compelling headline?  Do you know how to write sales copy that influences your prospect to make a buying decision or to put their name in your capture page and become a lead?  Do you know how to get traffic to your page in the first place?  If not, the best marketing system in the world will do you absolutely zero good.  Just as if you handed me Tiger Woods set of golf clubs, they will be completely ineffective in the hands of an unskilled user.

How to guarantee your success?

The only way to absolutely guarantee your success online and in your business is to learn marketing.  Period.  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Same could be said of your business.  Give a man some traffic and a converting capture page and you may pay him for a day, but teach a man to create his own traffic and write his own influential copy and he’ll be paid for a lifetime.  When you learn to market effectively, it doesn’t matter what marketing system or lead system you use to generate leads and sales online, you’ll be able to succeed with any system promoting any offer and any opportunity.

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To your success!

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  • I could truthfully read about this all day!! With any luck ,
    you own an RSS feed I can also sign up to. I had been really scouting all around the internet for information in relation to lead list.

  • Jocelyn Felipe

    Reply Reply October 6, 2014

    I’ve been chasing your videos for a week already. I really do want to follow your advises. All of your encounters are the same as mine. I believe that these tools will help me a lot. I just hope that my card will be fixed and available soon so I can purchase the product and start learning it. Looking forward Tyson!

  • Peter Arnold

    Reply Reply October 13, 2014

    Hi Tyson:

    Wise words, for sure. Our marketing “education” must come first!

    My clients (physicians, dentists, surgeons, chiropractors, etc) do not start to “practice” until they first invest [heavily] in their professional “education”.

    We cannot get “heat” from the fireplace, until we first put the “wood” in.

    Nevertheless, I can understand what Maulik is saying above, and that their might be a little confusion.

    There are a lot of excellent marketing systems / training programs out there (MLSP / PLS / EMP / IMB / CCP -to name only a few).

    I agree that we need to acquire the “knowledge” [of smart MARKETING] first – before jumping into a particular Funnel “system”

    I do not think it’s a matter of “which one” is the best – or “wich one” should we choose.

    It should not be an “either or” situation, in my opinion. ALL of these different programs offer excellent value, in different ways.

    I know that you personally, are familiar with – PLS / EN / MLSP / EMP [and likely more] – so you’re able to give us your best “evaluations” on these.

    Currently, I am with PLS-Power Lead System [based on your recommendation] – and I know that, in addition to their “tools”, they also provide some good “training”.

    HOWEVER – I will now also get EMP-Elite Marketing Pro — because I see it as the “perfect fit” — PLS + EMP — a winning combination for us to truly SUCCEED in our marketing efforts – and also, I want access to your suite of BONUSES.

    It’s good to mention that – if “budget” concerns are a factor – PLS also offers a [very good] FREE FOR LIFE version of their system.

    Anyway, just my own .02-cents (Canadian) on all this! :>)

    Love your trainings, and the tireless contribution you make to our industry.

    Sincerely / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Canada

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