How To Become An Entrepreneur – Don’t Use these 3 words!

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Here's How To Become An Entrepreneur?

There's a lot of people who believe they are entrepreneurs, but the truth is just because you own a business doesn't make you an entrepreneur.  As Mark Cuban (from ABC's Shark Tank) says, most people who think they are entrepreneurs are really just "wantrepreneurs".  So let's take a quick look at some of the words and phrases you should remove from your vocabulary if you want know how to become an entrepreneur.

#1 - Entrepreneurs don't use the word "Guarantee"

Entrepreneurs understand that they are paid for their results and not for their time.  Nobody can guarantee your results except for you.  So when I present somebody with a business opportunity and they tell me they don'twhat are you worth want to sign-up unless I can guarantee their results, this indicates to me that this person is as far from being an entrepreneur as is humanly possible.  The word "Guarantee" is an employee mindset type of word.  When you get a job and you agree to make somebody else rich by trading your time for dollars, you get a guarantee that you will be paid X number of dollars per hour worth of work or that you will be paid a certain salary when you sign the contract.  There's nothing wrong with having an employee mindset.  Certainly being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.  There are people who are very happy to have the security and the predictability of a 9-5 job.  It's just important to understand that if you want to work for yourself and become an entrepreneur, you recognize that you take calculated risks and that you will be paid only when you produce results.  So as an entrepreneur you are truly paid what you are worth.  If you get paid "zero", you need to become worth more to earn more.

#2 - Entrepreneurs Don't Use the Phrase "I Can't __________"

You will never hear a true entrepreneur say "I can't afford it" or "I can't make a website".  What they will say instead is ... "How can I come up with the money?" or "How can I learn the skills to make a website?" or "How can I hire somebody who knows technology?"  When you use phrases like "I can't", you are using dis-empowering and non-self-severing language.  So stop it!   Start asking how you can instead of telling yourself that you can't.  Personally, every business I've ever built has been built on a loan or on credit.  Some may say this is fiscally irresponsible, but I find that it motivates me.  It drives me to succeed so that I can pay off my debt and you know?  Every single time I've started a business on a loan, I've paid it off and gone on to become profitable.  Every . Single . Time!

#3 - Entrepreneurs Don't Use the Phrase "I'm Just Not ___________"

SkillsDevelopment"Well, I'm just not business minded."  "I'm just not technical".  "I'm just not a good salesperson".  These are not phrases that you will hear from a true entrepreneur.  You are defining who you believe you are and you are limiting your ability to succeed because the truth is your actions will NEVER EVER contradict who you believe you are as a person.  If you keep telling yourself that you're not business minded, you'll never become business minded because you won't take the actions to do so.  Nobody came out of the womb knowing how to build a business.  Nobody came into this world knowing how to use a computer.  Nobody came out of their momma's belly knowing how to be a good salesperson ... nobody!  It's a skill that was learned and developed through knowledge, mentorship, consistent action and trial and error learning via the school of hard knocks!



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  • Jajuan Valentin

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    Hi Tyson,

    What you said makes a world sense. Thank for your wisdom and understanding.

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