How to Get Free Leads Online With Video Marketing

Free Leads Online With Video Marketing

video marketing tipsWould you like to know how to get Free Leads Online with a $300-$500 piece of equipment that you probably already own? (ok, I guess if there’s a $300-$500 piece of equipment involved, they’re not technically “free leads” but I would bet that you probably already own this piece of equipment).  Yes, it’s your smartphone.  Most smartphones today can take perfectly acceptable high quality video for video marketing purposes, and I can tell you from experience that there is no strategy more powerful to generate free leads for home based business than video marketing.

Video Marketing is the fastest way to warm up your prospects.  They feel your energy.  They trust you 100 times faster when they see that you’re a real person and let’s face it … business is all about building trusting relationships.  So if you want free leads, online marketing through video is without a doubt your ticket to success.  And in this post (and the video below), I’m going to give you a few video marketing tips on how you can maximize your lead flow with a very simply video marketing strategy.

 Video Marketing Tip #1

natural window lightYou need good lighting and Audio.  The good news is that you don’t have to spend any money on either of these things.  If you have a large door or window in your home, you have beautiful natural light that you can use for free and as long as you stand close enough to your camera, the built in audio on your smart phone will be just fine to do effective video marketing.  If you want more details on how to lay out your free natural light setup or if you want some suggestions on additional low cost tools such as microphones and video editing software and tripods, etc., check out this training where I dive deep into showing you exactly how to get free leads online with video marketing.

 Video Marketing Tip #2

content is kingYou need to have good content and you need to keep your videos short (3 to 5 minutes).  This is the best way to attract leads, get them to consume your content, get your videos to rank, build rapport and really warm up your audience to opt-in, become a lead and eventually buy your stuff.  If you don’t know what you would talk about in your videos, I give you so many ideas on this training that I promise you’ll never run out of things to talk about in your videos again.

In fact, I’ll have a formula to follow that will ALWAYS result in getting free leads online from your video marketing.

My video formula looks like this (I’ll dive deeper into each step inside of the video marketing blueprint training):

1.  Introduce yourself
2.  Ask a question to raise their curiosity
3.  Tell them What You’re Going to Tell them (so they know you’ve got a solution to their problem)
4.  Teach Something (Provide value for 2-3 minutes)
5.  Give a Clear Call to Action (which I discuss in video marketing tip #3 listed below)

I’ve used this “magic content formula” myself to generate almost 20,000 free leads online to date and over $300,000 of income in just the last 18 months alone.  You are absolutely going to love using it for your business.

Video Marketing Tip #3

act now buttonThe last (but VERY important) thing you need to get free leads online with video marketing is a strong and clear call to action.  I see people mess this up all the time.  They assume that their viewers know what they should do next.  Never assume this.  When you tell them very clearly what you want them to do, they are much more likely to do it.  But one of the things people struggle with is transitioning in their videos from the value/content portion over to the CTA (call to action).  It’s really quite simple.  I’ll be going into lots of detail on how to do this on this video marketing blueprint training, but here’s the basics of how I do it.  I just say, “If you got value from this video and you’d like to learn more, go over to to grab my video marketing blueprint training so that you can start generating red hot, high quality leads for your business right away for free”. (or whatever the appropriate CTA is for that particular piece of content).

Watch this short video to see this process in action.

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  • Sonny Lanorias

    Reply Reply July 6, 2015

    Hi Tyson,

    Great post! Thanks for the tips and tricks. I will definitely apply and implement this in my business now that Im beginning to integrate video in my marketing tactics. Cheers!

    ~ Sonny

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