Is Your MLM Company or Affiliate Website Setting You Up to Fail?

MLM Company Website Set You Up to Fail?

If you are in an MLM company or an affiliate program and you’re relying only on the company website and other resources to help you promote your product and make sales, you may be in for a big surprise!

The purpose of this blog post (and the short video below) is to help you understand 3 very important reasons why your company website is not designed to make you sales on autopilot!

I recently sent out a free giveaway to my email subscriber list called “The 7-Minute Website Setup”.  (You can download it for free here if you’d like).  Most people were really appreciative of this free giveaway, but I had a handful of people who emailed me back and said, “I don’t really need my own website.  My mlm company gives me a replicated website and I’m just going to use that”.

Unfortunately, this is not a good idea so I figured I’d better make a video and a blog post to explain why!

1:  It’s NOT Branded to You

who are youYour business is not a your product or your opportunity.  It may be an income stream, but it is not your business.  Your business is YOU.  It’s the the audience you have.  It’s the trust and rapport that you have with people and it’s the way people perceive you (aka – your personal brand).

If you’re only sending people over to your company website, you’re branding the company and not yourself.    The truth is that people don’t join your business.  They join YOU.  Unfortunately, just having a good product or a good opportunity is not enough to make you successful (otherwise everybody would be killing in your company).

The way to make selling and recruiting easier and objection-free is for your prospects to perceive you as a person with authority.  When you have your own website that builds your personal brand first, recruiting and selling actually becomes much easier.


2:  Your Company Website is Not Designed to Convert Cold Traffic

If you don’t believe this statement is true, I dare you to go buy 1000 clicks from Facebook and just send cold traffic straight to your company website and see what happens.  I bet you’d be throwing your money away.  Here’s why … The first rule of marketing is that you have to put the right message in front of the right audience (it’s called message to market match).

message-market-matchYour company’s products/opportunity probably appeal to a wide range of people and so they have to create a website that tries to appeal to everyone.  But with direct response marketing to cold traffic, if you try to talk to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you’re in a health and wellness MLM company, for example.  How many different targeted audiences might be interested in what you have to offer?

Well, you have people who are interested in the business opportunity and then you also have a separate group of people who would be interested in the benefits of the health products.  But each of those groups can even be broken down further.  People interested in making money might include a busy CEO who wants to replace his income so he can spend more time with his family.  On the other hand, it might also include the stay-at-home mom who just wants to make a few extra hundred dollars per month (and everything in between).

Then, when it comes to the product, you have people who might be interested in losing weight.  Others who want to have more energy.  And another group altogether who is interested in increased athletic performance (and this is just to name a few of the audiences you could target).

Would you talk to each of these people the same?  No.  Of course not.  You would have a different message for each group that would pre-sell them on your product/company before they ever get to your mlm company website.  In sales and marketing, this is called framing.  You have to put a frame around the offer so that your prospect understands what meaning to take from the events that happen next.

Your website is the place where can do that … where you can talk to each targeted group separately and pre-frame them BEFORE they ever get to your MLM company website.   (If you want FREE help setting up your own website in less than 7 minutes, be sure to grab this FREE Training)


3:  Competition

Reduce_your_bounce_rateThe third and final reason why you don’t want to rely only on your MLM company or affiliate website is because you have thousands of other distributors and reps who are promoting the exact same thing as you.

So even if your company website is designed to convert cold traffic into leads and sales, why should somebody buy from YOU over the thousands of other people in your exact same company?  When you have your own website with your own content that you own and control, you set yourself apart from the 99% of lazy affiliates and distributors who just rely on the company materials.

When your website visitor hits a custom landing page with a message that’s targeted to their specific wants and needs and desires (and it’s a unique page they’ve never seen before), you drastically reduce the bounce rate and have a much higher chance of converting that visitor into a lead (and ultimately a sale).

Understanding The Mind of Your Website Visitor

As I wrap up this post, allow me to explain exactly what happens when you send cold traffic straight to your MLM company’s website.  Everyone who lands on your company website is going to fall into one of two categories:  1.  People who have heard of your product/opportunity before and 2. people who have not heard of it before.

For the people who have heard it, here’s what happens.  They land on your mlm company website, they see the name of the product/company and they say to themselves, “oh this … I already know what this is and I’m not interested”.

For the people who have not heard of it, 99% of them do NOT browse the company website for information … do you know what they do?  They turn to their good friend Google and they type in “YOUR COMPANY NAME Review”.  And what do they find?

They either find a really good marketer and they buy from them instead of you or they find some guy in South Dakota who says it’s a scam.  And now, “Scam” is the pre-frame they use to wrap meaning around your product or opportunity because you were too lazy to give them a proper pre-frame of your own before sending them to the company site.

Bonus Tip!

Your main objective when marketing online should always be this:  Raise curiosity while simultaneously lowering resistance.  If you try to send cold traffic straight to your company website, not only does it NOT work, you’ve just lowered all curiosity.  You told them exactly what your thing is without them having to go through you at all.  You’ve effectively removed yourself from the sales process completely (and not in a good way).

So not only is all of the curiosity gone, you’ve also raised a ton of resistance, because they know you’re trying to sell them something (and now their guard is up).

When you have your own website that builds your personal brand, you have a channel where you can provide value and goodwill to your visitors before you ever ask them for money.  This lowers resistance, positions you as a credible authority and ultimately makes them more receptive to your sales message (which means more leads and sales)

Video on Why Your MLM Company Website Sucks!

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To your success!

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