These are Additional 2nd tier email traffic sources and solo ad sources.
I have not used all of these sources personally.

Abel Chua

Alex Fields

Andrea Smith-Fulton

Anthony Tilley

Ashley Gough

Atheer Fendi

Beatrice Brown

Bilaal Hussain

Brocha Weiss

Cal Champlin

Chris Jenkins

Colin Meunier

Colm Wynne

Craig Raphael

Dean Miles

Dennis Pippen

Emilis Strimaitis

Formidable Marketers

Frank Gang

Frank Salinas htp://

Gary Baker


Gina Reedy

Heimir Finnson

Holly Sutton

Igor Kheifets

James Neal

Jayson Benoit

Jeffery Baxter

John Cornetta

JT Martin

Kelvin Nikkel

Kenneth Kraakstad

Kevin Fahey

Mark Gurney

Mark Lyford

Natalia Piterova

Phil Springer

Phillip Brewer

Randy Harris

Ray Johnson

Rodger Hyatt

Sean Story

Steve Bermann

Steve Lorenzo

Thomas Burke

Vicki Nguyen

Vince Craine