Active Prospecting (Online and Offline)
Social Media Lead Generation
and Black Belt Recruiting Strategies

Active Prospecting is without a doubt the fastest
and free-est way to recruit into your business.

But you Do NOT have to hit up your warm market as your upline would suggest.

Below, you will find some incredibly valuable free resources
to help you start signing up people in your business Today

Resources to Help You:

~ Generate Leads for Active Prospecting and Recruit Like a Pro ~

Facebook Ninja, Twitter App, Skype List Building Software
(All Social Media Lead Generation tools with RCCv2)

Jessica Higdon Social Media Training

Max Steingart Endless Free Leads
(more Social Media training - $299 value, yours FREE as a PLS affiliate)

Black Belt Recruiting Interview with Mark Weiser
(overcome every objection to close your prospects with ease)
(Free Audio: 29 Lead Sources)

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