Setting Goals is Worthless …

Contrary to what most people believe, changes in in your life don’t happen over long periods of time.  It doesn’t take months to change or even days or weeks … change happens in an instant.

Your life changes the instant that you decide to make a change and then take action to make the change a reality.  The outcome of that decision may not be realized in that exact moment, but the change happens instantaneously . The moment that you decide your life is going to be different and then you take action upon that decisions … it’s in that very moment that the course of your life takes a new direction and change begins to happen.

And therein lies the real difference between successful people and non-successful people … action.  Successful people take action even when they don’t have all of the answers.  Even when they aren’t sure of the exact road ahead of them.

Check out this video by Tony Robbins for a real kick in the pants (it’s one of my favorites)

Here’s the truth:

When you over-think your decisions …
When you wait for all of the lights to turn green …
you get stuck in procrastination mode.

It’s better to just start taking action on the changes you want to achieve in your life than it is to spend all of your time putting together a plan.  When you do that, you end up saying to yourself, “I’ll take action eventually once I figure out the right steps to take”, and then you never actually do anything.  It’s self sabotage.  It’s an excuse.  It’s an easy way of pretending you’re actually going to do something and the truth is you’re fooling yourself.  Or at the very least, you’re delaying the positive changes that you want to achieve.

For every venture that I’ve ever been successful at in my life, my motto has been this …

Decide, Do, Review (in that order)

or perhaps more accurately put …

Ready, Fire, Aim

What do you want to change in your life?

  • Health?
  • Your Relationships?
  • A bad habit (smoking, gambling, etc.)?
  • Your financial life?

Whatever it is, you don’t have to wait to make that change a reality.  You can make that change right now.  Today.  This very instant.  All you have to do is decide and then most importantly … Take Action.  Take a single action toward that goal and that will lead to another action which will lead to another and then another.

And eventually, you’ll be a completely different person.  It all starts with a single step down the road you wish to go.

Video: The Importance of Setting Goals and Taking Action

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