3 Secrets to Doubling Your Leads In 30 Days.  (Hint: Target These 3 Groups!)

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Do You Need Better Quality Leads for Your Business?

One of my email list subscribers recently sent in a question asking me, "If I want High Quality Leads for My Business, what are the best groups of people to target?"

It's a great question.

So today, I'm going to tell you the 3 best "sales groups" to target ...

in other words, leads who are actually going to be inclined to buy what you're offering.

Not only will this save you a ton of time and frustration, it will allow you to make sales and enroll people more easily with much less resistance and rejection.

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Don't Sacrifice Your Friendships for Your Business

If you're anything like me, I'm sure you've heard many (very well-meaning) trainers and mentors that will tell new business owners to make a list of 100 people they know such as friends, family, co-workers, etc. and sell to that group first.

The reason they recommend this "top 100 list" approach, of course is because they know that relationships are the foundation of great businesses (which is 100% true, by the way).

So the idea is that because you already have a relationship, these prospects *should* be inclined to buy from you since they already know you, like you and trust you.

It's a decent theory, but it doesn't work for most people.

In my case, it backfired.

I struggled for nearly 18 years listening to the traditional "belly-to-belly" advice only to alienate my friends and family.  Eventually, no one would return my phone calls and I ended up feeling like some sort of slimy used car salesman.

But once I discovered how to target the right people, it became a whole lot easier to make sales, enroll new people and build my business.

Today, I've built multiple businesses to well over 7-figures in sales.  I've been a 3-time top earner in one of my companies.  This year alone, I've generated over 40,000 leads (all online without ever bugging my friends and family), and I've spoken on stages around the country teaching other small business owners and entrepreneurs exactly how to do it.

(and I really owe it all to the 3-step formula I'm teaching on )

Why "Just Talk to Everyone Within 3 Feet of You" Does NOT Work

The #1 Thing I learned from my years of failure using the traditional belly-to-belly approach is that it misses the one most critical element required in order to make sales:


You see, it's true that people WILL buy from you if they know like and trust you, but ONLY if they first have the desire to consume what you're selling.

For example, if my best friend is a vegetarian, and I try to sell him a steak, he's not going to buy it no matter how much he likes me because he simply doesn’t have the desire.

Once I realized this, it was a HUGE sign of relief.  Because it meant #1 that I wasn’t necessarily awful at my business, and #2 the rejection wasn’t personal … I just hadn’t been shown how to target the right people.

So the key is figuring out which people are most inclined to be interested in your product, service or opportunity, and ONLY focus on those people.

In my experience, I've found 3 main groups that fit this criteria.

(FYI - I'll be covering each group in more detail plus I'll explain where to find each group, but here's the 30,000 foot overview to get you started)

1.  People with a History of Buying Similar Products/Services to Yours.

One simple way to give you an illustration of this group is in the golf market.

For example, my dad has a history of buying LOTS of golf stuff. So if I created some new golf gadget, I would target people like my dad, who have a history of buying golf products recently.

Pretty simple, right?

And while I know this seems incredibly obvious, very few business owners are doing it.

Most of them have no idea where to look to find these people and even fewer actually implement this strategy.

Which is why you'll have a huge, unfair advantage over your competitors when you because I’ll show you exactly where to find these people and HOW to attract them to you.

2.  People Actively Searching for "Your Thing"

Obviously, if someone is actively searching for your product/service or your company by name, that's a clear sign they're interested on some level.

Now admittedly, this is the smallest of the 3 groups, but they are highly targeted which usually makes them very low-hanging fruit.

Let me give you a quick example ...

Let's say someone is on Google right now searching for "Panasonic television reviews" or "Samsung TVs vs. Sony TVs."  Based on his search behavior, he’s probably getting ready to buy a TV.

The same is true for your business which is why you need to  when they are looking for you.

3.  People With a Problem that "Your Thing" Can Solve

This third group is arguably the largest (and most scaleable) group of people you can find.

Before I give you an example of this group, I'm gonna let you in on a little tip ...

There's one thing that will cause prospects to pull out their wallets faster than anything else.

And it's a clear solution to their problems.

People BUY Solutions to problems.  PERIOD!

So if someone's got a case of bad acne, for example, and you sell a face cream that could help, you need to get in front of those people when they're searching Google for things like "How do I get clear skin?"

How do You Find and Attract These Groups to You?

If you're one of the committed few who have actually read this article all the way to the bottom, then you're probably wondering how to find these highly targeted leads, how to get in front of them and how to attract them to you and your solution ...

Well, all you have to do is and I will walk you through the entire 3-step formula.

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