RCCv2 New Member Orientation and Training

Step 1

Set Up Your Sales Funnel

Log-in to Power Lead System Here - www.mycompanyadmin.com

Unlock the funnel with this code: 184845-rccv2bizop

If you are not yet a Power Lead System member, you can sign-up here

Step 2

Join the Team Support Groups
on Facebook and Skype

Join our Facebook Group Here - www.facebook.com/groups/rccv2/

Download and Install Skype (if you don't already have it) - www.skype.com

Add me as a friend on Skype.  My username is tzahner

IMPORTANT:  Mention RCCv2 when you contact me.
And give me your RCCv2 username

Step 3

Back Office Training, Comp Plan Stategies
and Understanding the Boards

Step 4

Recruiting Strategies

Resources to help you start Recruiting:

~ Prospecting ~

RayHigdon.com (29 Free Lead Sources)

Jessica Higdon Social Media Training

Max Steingart Endless Free Leads
(more Social Media training)

~ Marketing ~

Register for Jamison Palmer's training
(mostly paid traffic strategies)
coupon code:  429vip73

Contact Tyson to plug into his system and lead with PLS as your front end offer
then upgrade to RCCv2 on the back end
skype: tzahner
email: tysonzahner [at] gmail [dot] com

Step 5

Recent Trainings and Webinars You Should Watch

VIP Team Webinar by Kennon McKinney