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Step 1:

System Setup

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Funnel Unlock Code:  184845-Tyson-PLS

Free Google Voice Account:  voice.google.com

Free Picture Resizer:  www.picresize.com

Step 2:

3 Free Gifts

(Run time 2:43)

3 Free Gifts to Help You Develop Your Marketing and Recruiting Skills for Any Home Business

magnetic-sponsoring-bookAttraction Marketing (7 free videos that changed my career)

Discover How You Can Literally Attract An Endless Stream Of Prospects To You, Credit Card In Hand, Ready To Join... Automatically






boab_cover_2012How to Build Your Business Online Even with a Small Budget

5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business On A Shoe-String Budget!






boab_cover_2012Free Interview Reveals Black Belt Recruiting Strategies

If you've ever struggled with knowing how to respond to your prospects objections ...

If you've ever wondered how so many top recruiters make it look soooo easy ...

I've you've ever been asked, "How much money are you making?" and didn't know how to respond because you were brand new ...

This free interview is perfect for you

Step 3:

Social Media Leads with RCCv2

This Offer is currently in Pre-Launch.

Demo video and more info to come soon
(for now click here to learn more about this offer and get a top spot with our team)

  • 1,000s of targeted leads with the click of a button
    (amazing social media lead scraping software for FB, twitter and skype)
  • Mindset training with hundreds of titles
    (Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar and more)
  • Earn $7,000 over and over for eternity with just 2 personal sales
  • Activate your link on this page and let this funnel do the selling for you

Step 4:

Activate Your Funnel

(Run time 6:59)

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Step 5:

Get Traffic

(Run time 25:02)

Resources to help you start Getting Traffic and Recruiting:

Stay up to Date with the Most Cutting Edge Marketing
and Traffic Strategies with What's Working Now


~ Generate Leads for Active Prospecting ~

(29 Free Lead Sources)

Facebook Ninja, Twitter App, Skype List Building Software
(All Social Media Lead Generation tools with RCCv2)

Jessica Higdon Social Media Training

Max Steingart Endless Free Leads
(more Social Media training - $299 value, yours FREE as a PLS affiliate)

Black Belt Recruiting Interview with Mark Weiser
(overcome every objection to close your prospects with ease)

~ Paid Advertising Resources ~

The Home Business Agency (Done-for-You Traffic)

Facebook PPC Training

Solo Ad Training

~ Organic Search and YouTube Training ~

Tyson's Organic Search Traffic
(Keyword Research, YouTube Videos, Ranking, etc.)

The Warrior Forum

Step 6:

What To Do Once You Start Getting Leads and Sign-Ups

(Run time 13:21)


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Excellent Course on Blogging
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