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New Member Orientation, Training and System Setup

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Step 1:

System Setup

  1. Unlock the appropriate Funnel using one of these two Sharing Codes below  (click here)
    184845-Tyson-PLS-EMP (for affiliates in BOTH PLS and Elite marketing Pro)
    (for affiliates who are ONLY in PLS)
  2. Connect A Domain or Subdomain to the Lead Capture Page (click here)
  3. Enter Your Personal Information (on this page)

Helpful Resources:

Free Google Voice Account:  voice.google.com

Learn More About Elite Marketing Pro:  Click Here

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Step 3:

Activate Your Links

Click Here to Request Link Activation
Your Links Will Be Active within 24 Hours After You Submit this Form

Step 4:

Drive Traffic

Click Here To Discover the 5 Best Traffic Methods for
Getting Targeted Visitors To Your Website.

Step 5:

What To Do Once You Start Getting Leads and Sign-Ups


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Click Here to Download the PLS Welcome E-mail
This is the Welcome Email that you will send to your 7-day free trial sign-ups


Click Here to Download Sample Phone Script
Use this as a guide when you call your new recruits


Understanding The Power Lead System Compensation Plan