Lead Generation:

The Only 2 Ways to Get
Network Marketing Leads

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As you can see, there's really only 2 ways for you to generate leads for your home business.  You can spend your time prospecting and cold calling strangers or you can learn how to attract your perfect customer to you.

When you choose the latter, not only does recruiting become easier and more fun, you also become way more productive and here's why:

  • Leads Reach Out to You Which Means They're Pre-Qualified

Believe me, it's a lot easier talking on the phone to somebody that actually raised their hand for information, as opposed to cold calling strangers and interrupting the lives of your family members and friends.

  • No More Dead Beat Leads (They Disqualify Themselves)

There's nothing worse than spending time on the phone with somebody only to find out after 15 minutes that they're completely unqualified for what you're offering.

When you learn how to attract your perfect customer, the unqualified people will disqualify themselves on autopilot which means you'll never waste your time again talking to people unless they are highly likely to buy.

  • When Prospects Perceive You As an Authority, Selling and Recruiting is MUCH Easier

People buy from others that they know, like and trust.

When you position yourself as an authority figure before your prospects ever get on the phone with you, your chances of closing that sale increase exponentially!

That's exactly what I plan on showing you in the free upcoming webclass.

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