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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Lead System

  • q-iconWhat Exactly is Power Lead System?

    Power Lead System is a marketing platform.  Essentially it’s a toolkit that gives you everything you need in one place to be able to market any product or opportunity online.  You can create custom sales funnels from start to finish all within this single platform.  You can easily create lead capture pages, sales pages, webinar/hangout pages, email autoresponder campaigns and more.  You can also share your entire sales funnel with your downline with the click of a button to create massive duplication within your network marketing organization.

  • q-iconIs it really only $30 per month?

    Yes it really is only $30 per month.  This system will never cost you more than $30 per month to be a customer of this product.

  • q-iconIs there an extra fee to be an affiliate?

    Yes – there is an additional fee of $23.97 per month if you want to be an affiliate and resell the product and earn commissions.  This is how the company makes their money since the entire $30 monthly product  fee is paid out in the form of a 100% commission plan.

  • q-iconIs there a long-term contract?

    No.  There are not any long term contracts.  You get a 7 day free trial to see if you like the system and then after 7 days, you only pay on a month to month basis.  You can cancel at any time.

  • q-iconHow is this product different from MLSP (My Lead System Pro) or Empower Network?

    MLSP and Empower Network are completely different companies and opportunities than Power Lead System.  Power Lead System provides you with a set of tools that allows you to market any business or product online by creating custom lead capture pages and sales pages for your product or opportunity.  You cannot create these kinds of custom funnels within MLSP or Empower. MLSP and Empower Network are designed more to be  “front end” systems where you promote the training inside of that system or the system itself as a front end offer in order to bring in biz-op leads so you can then sell them on your product on the back end.  Power Lead System is a set of tools that you can use to literally promote anything  you want directly to your prospects without having to promote PLS itself if you don’t want to.   Here’s a link to a video that I did a while back that explains the differences between each of these programs.

  • q-iconCan I use this system to promote my offline / brick and mortar business?

    Yes, absolutely.  This is a set of tools that you can use to promote anything you wish.  You can promote as many products or businesses with as many different funnels as you’d like.  Tyson’s bonus training even gives you several suggestions and ideas for how to promote traditional businesses and service based businesses as well as many different ideas for how to promote various network marketing companies/products.

  • q-iconDo I have to Promote Power Lead System?

    No – absolutely not.  You can use the system to promote anything you wish.  The page templates are fully customizeable and they are not branded to Power Lead System in any way?

  • q-iconIf I decide not to become an affiliate right away, can I upgrade later?

    Yes – absolutely.  You can become an affiliate at any time.  There is no difference in the functionality of the marketing platform when you are a customer vs. an affiliate.  It’s just that you can earn commissions as an affiliate when you re-sell the system to others, but that is certainly not required nor are you penalized in any way for not becoming an affiliate.

  • q-iconHow do they pay out 100% commissions to the affiliates?

    The company makes their money off of the $23.97 monthly affiliate fee which allows them to pay out the entire $30 per month customer fee back to the affiliates.  It is a 100% commission plan because they pay out all $30 to the affiliates, but it’s not 100% to a single person.  You actually get a 50% matching bonus from helping all of your direct referrals to succeed and there are pass-up sales as well so it is a very leveraged compensation plan with a lot of earning potential.  If you want to see a detailed explanation of the PLS compensation plan, take a moment to watch this video.

  • q-iconCan I build multiple pages and funnels for many different businesses all within the same account?

    Yes – absolutely.  You can have as many funnels with as many different lead capture pages and sales pages within a single account as you like.  The cost is the same no matter what.

  • q-iconDoes PLS get leads for me?

    No – what you might be thinking of is a “lead broker” where you buy leads or genealogy lists  that you then have to cold call.  Trust me, you do not want to go that route unless you are looking to get hung up on a lot or unless you are an incredibly good salesperson.  A lead that you generate is ALWAYS going to be 10 times more qualified than a lead that you buy.  The Power Lead System gives you the tools that you need to generate your own leads and build the relationship with those leads through the content on your pages and/or your follow-up.  Tyson’s bonus training will give you everything you need to know in order to learn how to do this properly.

  • q-iconHow do I get traffic to my pages?

    There are a number of different ways to get traffic to your sales funnel and to your web pages.  The system doesn’t get traffic for you … nor would I recommend it for the very same reason that I don’t recommend you buy leads from a broker.  Traffic that you generate will be much more targeted and qualified than random clicks that you purchase from most “brokers”.  Tyson’s bonus training will give you the 5 best strategies to get targeted traffic to your web pages (and the good news is that 4 of the strategies are totally free)

  • q-iconDoes Power Lead System have other products in addition to the $30/month marketing platform?

    Yes – there are some training courses that you can purchase (and earn commissions on if you are an affiliate), but it is not required to purchase these additional products unless you want the additional traffic/marketing training.

  • q-iconCan I link my pages over to my personal website or to my company's replicated site?

    Yes – absolutely.  You have full customization to make your pages link and redirect to any other websites that you want.  You can create a lead capture page within Power Lead System and then have the visitor automatically redirect over to a totally separate outside website.  You can also create buttons and links on your pages that go anywhere you want including your own personal outside website.

  • q-iconDoes this system integrate with my current autoresponder?

    Currently, the capture pages can be integrated with an aweber account only.  Other autoresponders (such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.) are not supported at this time, but you can always embed your form’s html code onto any page within Power Lead System.

  • q-iconCan this product work for 'My Business'?

    Yes – absolutely.  And I’m going to prove it to you in my bonus training.  I’ll be showing you many examples of exactly how you can market your business online.  Just remember it’s not the tools that will make you successful.  It’s the marketing message that you create that will determine your success.  Power Lead System is just a tool that allows you to easily present that marketing message to the world with very little technical skill.

  • q-iconHow soon will I start getting leads and/or making money with this system?

    Asking this question is like if you went into a music store to buy a guitar and you asked the clerk how soon you’d be able to play in a band.  It all depends.  It depends on your previous skills and knowledge.  It depends on your own personal motivation and work ethic.  There are some people that join PLS and start generating leads and sales that same week.  There are others who have been members for many months and have never made any money at all.  It really depends on YOU.   What kind of marketing skills do you currently possess?  How hard are you willing to learn and work?  Do you give up at the first sign of difficulty?  How motivated are you?  Do you actually take action when you learn something new or do you spend all of your time in learning mode and then complain that you are overwhelmed with all of the information that you’ve failed to take action on?  These are all questions that will determine your speed of success and the truth is … only you can provide these answers.

  • q-iconWhat Kind of Support is Available After I Join?

    There are video tutorials on practically every page inside of Power Lead System which show you exactly how to use each of the various features of the system.  PLS also has an excellent technical support team.  You can submit support tickets right from within your back office and they usually respond within 24-48 hours.  PLS also has a facebook group that you can join and ask other questions of other members in the group and then Tyson has a private Facebook group as well that you will get access to as a member of his team.  You can ask any marketing questions that you might have in those facebook groups.  So between the video tutorials in your back office, the PLS direct support, the PLS Facebook group and Tyson’s facebook group, we should have you covered if you ever have any questions or problems.


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