Where The Money Is:

Three Staggering Opportunities
For Info-Marketers

  • Video 1: Where The Money Is

    New research shows staggering opportunities for online information marketers. This video shows you the three largest niches for online information and gives you examples of what’s working now.

  • Video 2: The Five Types Of Products They Buy

    This video shows you exactly what types of products these niches are buying, and shows you which product type is right for you.

  • Watching Now: How To Find Customers With Money

    Forget “building a list”. You want CUSTOMERS. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to find customers with money …starting at once.

Are You Ready To Seize This Opportunity?

As you can see, there are billions of dollars being paid to entrepreneurs who sell the right information to the right markets online. If you have knowledge that can help customers in any of the niches I cover in this video, the time to use it is NOW.

In the upcoming videos, you'll see why we're at such an incredibly fortunate point in online history.

I'll go ahead and give you a few hints:

  • Regardless of which niche you're selling to, there are only five basic product types they buy.

And chances are, you only need to sell one of them.

(In the next video, I'll walk you through all five and show you how to choose the right product type quickly.)

  • The "tech" part of selling information online has gone from nightmarishly complicated to paint-by-numbers simple.

In fact, there are only four types of web pages and three main tools you need in order to run an Information business.

In the next video, I'll also show you what they are so you can see how simple this really is from a "technical" perspective.

  • We've got easier access to customers than we've ever had in the history of the world.


That sounds like an exaggerated claim ...but it isn't.

As you'll see in video three, finding customers with money is easier than ever ...and you can start putting your message in front of them immediately ...for peanuts.

As you're probably aware, these videos are part of a promotion for a new class called Info Business Blueprint.

Admission to the class opens in a few days, and it will likely fill up.