Lesson 4

"How To Build Instant Rapport With a Cold Market

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My Personal Favorite Traffic and Lead Generation Strategy

Do You Want to Master YouTube?

boab_cover_2012Tube Traffic Mojo - The Definitive Course On YouTube Marketing

Step by Step Setup Instructions (Even if you've never even had a YouTube channel)
How to get Quick Views, Quick Leads and Big Fat Checks ... Right Off the bat
Keyword targeting strategies for massive views
The biggest keyword research mistake that nearly everyone makes
Video creation made simple
Why you shouldn't worry about equipment
What to say in your videos and HOW to say it
The Easy and Fast way to edit your videos (regardless of computer model)
Exactly what to do if you're deathly shy and scared to be on camera
Search Engine Optimization for long term traffic, leads and sales
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How Incredibly Successful People THINK
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