The Only 2 Ways to Generate Leads for Any Home Business

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"Lead Generation is Actually Dead Simple"

Tyson Zahner is one of the industry's top experts when it comes to online lead generation for home business owners.

Tyson says, "Having trained on stages across the country has allowed me to meet many home business owners who are simply making lead generation way more complicated and difficult than it needs to be.  I don't fault them for it, however, because I did it too."

As it turns out, Tyson's got off to a pretty rocky start in his own home business.

He explains, "I simply didn't know any better because my upline sponsors didn't really know how to generate their own cold market leads either (which is why they asked me to bring in my friends and family)."

As a result, Tyson struggled for nearly 18 years, in and out of the direct sales industry.

"I was simply complicating lead generation," Tyson explains

"I was buying leads from vendors only to waste my time cold calling a bunch of dead beat prospects who simply weren't interested."

"I made a list of my 'Top 100' friends and family members only to face ridicule and rejection."

"I tried every 'system' imaginable that promised it would get leads for me at the push of a button, but nothing seemed to work."

Tyson's breakthrough came when a mentor simplified lead generation and revealed ...

There's really ONLY 2 Ways to Get Leads for Any Business

Less than a year after Tyson started implementing one of those 2 strategies, he had enrolled over 1,000 people into one of his businesses and since went on to become a #1 income earner 3 years in a row for the same company.

In his new video, Tyson reveals exactly what those 2 strategies are and which one he chose to catapult him to the top of his company.

The short whiteboard training video on the next page is only about 7 minutes long so if you've run out of people to talk to or you're sick of bugging friends and family ...

I encourage you to watch his free video right away.

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